The social media debate: Celebs share point of view | Perfect Woman Update | Perfect Woman Magazine

The social media debate: Celebs share point of view | Perfect Woman Update | Perfect Woman Magazine

We cannot imagine our life without social media in today’s digital age. Not just for entertainment and information, the internet also helps many in earning their livelihood. At the same time, social media addiction is the reason behind people developing physical and mental health issues, forgetting to enjoy the beauties of the real world. Celebs weigh in on the debate with

Kate Sharma
 Social media is a good way to connect with everyone. I like to share stuff about my life on social media. I love making reels too. It is a very interesting thing and is quite a lot of fun. I’ve got a lot of compliments for my reels. The value of social media cannot be denied in today’s times. One gets to connect with new people as well create work opportunities. I look at the positive side of it. I am quite active on Instagram.

Hitanshu Jinsi
I love to post on social media. It is a good way to connect with your fans. One gets to read the messages from fans and sometimes it is valuable feedback. I am careful about what I post. It is a fact that everything in my life is not for public consumption. I draw a line wherever needed. One shouldn’t misuse social media. Trolling anyone is a waste of time. One shouldn’t be overactive to a celebrity’s post and at the same time celebrity should also ignore the negative comments and shouldn’t take it to heart.

Ekta Sharma
I am not a social media buff. I post quite less compared to a lot of celebrities. It is a good way to connect with your fans. I believe in the policy of less is more. Those who troll have nothing to do in their lives and one shouldn’t be reactive to faceless and nameless abusers. Social media will never be my world. Everything has its pros and cons and should be used diligently. It’s up to an individual as to what his or her social media habits should be.

Adaa Khan
Social media has a different world of its own. When you are doing a show you have more content to post. It is up to an individual what he wants to post as that reflects their personality. We must not forget social media is for us, we are not for social media. One must use it relevantly. I also feel everyone should be careful in commenting on the post and not all comments can be taken seriously. One needs to ignore at times as sometimes no reaction is the best reaction.

Sneh Binny
I am active only on Instagram as of now. Social media brought a revolution and became a part of our lives even before we could know it. People who use social media should be responsible, especially the youth. One should limit social media usage. There is no substitute for the real world. Obsession with social media is a strict no-no. One must be careful about one’s social media habits.

Simaran Kaur
Social media is an in-thing these days. We cannot ignore its presence. I look at the positive side of social media. I use it as a tool to connect with my audiences and fans. I also make reels. I’ve started a YouTube channel too. Youth is easily influenced by what actors post so I feel it’s our responsibility to post the right stuff.

Aniruddh Dave
Social media is a boom. It is easy to connect with people globally. I like to post my pictures to update my fans and audiences. One should use it as a positive tool rather than spending excess time on it. One must limit the use of social media and shouldn’t start browsing their social media page when sitting in a meeting or doing any other work or talking to someone/a group of people. One must follow the social media etiquettes.

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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