“If Musk goes to Mars, we’ll deliver diesel there too”, says Aditi Bhosale Walunj, an inspiring women entrepreneur, Founder and CVO of Repos Energy | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Women Day Special: From convincing Ratan Tata to be the mentor through handwritten letters To building ATMs for Diesel, Here’s the story of a young entrepreneur who is reshaping the Indian energy sector!

International Women’s day is a celebration of social, economic, political and cultural achievement of women all over the world. It also is a reminder to celebrate the achievements of women who break all stereotypes and work towards gender parity. This International women’s day we are not only celebrating these women, but also the change they bring in when they step up as leaders.

From convincing Ratan Tata to be a mentor through handwritten letters To building ATMs for Diesel, Here’s the story of a young entrepreneur who is reshaping the Indian energy sector!   

 ‘Hi! Can I speak to Aditi?’ I said: ‘Yes. May I know who this is? (somewhere my heart knew it).’ He said: ‘This is Ratan Tata here. I got your letter. Can we meet?’ Me: *Numb* *Goosebumps* *tears rolling down* *smiling* (ALIVE) – Aditi Bhosale Walunj Founder & CVO of Repos Energy (posted on her Linkedin)

Pune-based young woman entrepreneur Aditi Bhosale-Walunj is on a mission to redefine energy distribution in India! 

She is driven by the vision to transform the energy distribution of the entire world with Repos Energy. Aditi serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of Repos Energy. Among the many responsibilities that she juggles, keeping everything aligned with the vision of the organization is the one that she considers the most important. She has personally handcrafted all the strategies at Repos Energy which have contributed to transforming energy distribution in India. Aditi designed the Repos Energy brand identity with much love and care with the help of her husband Chetan Walunj. Under her inspiring leadership, Repos Energy has become the leading organization in mobile energy distribution in India. She believes that her life’s goal is to change the world for the better and considers Repos Energy as a platform to accomplish it. She is leading Repos Energy from the front as it is on a mission to push the world towards a carbon neutral future by establishing a tech-enabled, new-age energy distribution E-commerce platform that bridges the gap between supply and demand for clean energy. Aditi is passionate about creating wealth for India and the world through Repos Energy and her life’s mantra is “have proper intentions, give your all, and the rest will fall into place.” 

Aditi would be happy to share her overwhelming and inspiring journey of their eureka moment to start Repos Energy and how they reached out to Ratan Tata when they were starting Repos by sending him letters. To getting his guidance on setting this startup of e-commerce of fuel to now having plans to take it to the next level.


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