Dr.Dhivya R Consultant – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Ovarian Cancer Month Kauvery Hospitals Electronic City (Bengaluru) | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Although the signs of ovarian cancer can be sketchy, there are some obvious symptoms and its vital to know them. If ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, a woman has a 95% of surviving five or more years. Sadly though, most women aren’t diagnosed at this early stage and sometimes it can be left so late that our chances of survival drop to a devastating four percent. What’s even more daunting is that many of symptoms could indicate ovarian cancer are also to premenstrual syndrome. The majority of these women will be over 50 years, but the disease can affect women of all ages. The stats can be very scary but armed with right knowledge and information, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. Come let’s go one step ahead of this silent killer by learning the most common signs of ovarian cancer, that we ignore in our day-to-day life.



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