Women’s Day Quote by ​Keerthana Venkatesh, Director & Head of Marketing | Engaged Strategy

Women’s Day Quote by ​Keerthana Venkatesh, Director & Head of Marketing | Engaged Strategy

“About five years ago I made a decision to become a work from home mom temporarily – and this at a time when I was on the high-growth curve in my career. I was aware that this decision could hamper my career growth and even push me towards a lower salary spectrum. But I knew my priorities at that moment and took the plunge, joining Engaged Strategy.
However, Engaged Strategy has literally been a game changer. Not only does the organisation preach employee engagement, but practices it to the T. For beginners, the organisation modified my employment contract and even adjusted working hours to my preference such that it gave me the leverage to work efficiently.

Since then, I not only grew to become a functional head, but have also been provided with the flexibility to grow as an individual. Even as I fulfil my leadership at Engaged Strategy, I have been seamlessly able to pursue my passion for writing as an author and a freelance journalist; I’ve been able to travel and document my experiences in my blog; and I’ve also been able to champion awareness about adoption, striking that perfect balance between managing my personal growth and professional growth. That’s the pinnacle of employee engagement that encourages all staff at Engaged Strategy, women and men alike, to go above and beyond at every stage with pride in what we do.”

– Keerthana Venkatesh, Director & Head of Marketing | Engaged Strategy


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