Harjinder Singh opens up on his love for travelling | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Harjinder Singh opens up on his love for travelling | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Actor Harjinder Singh says that he has always loved going on trips. The actor says that, over the years, he has learnt a lot from his travels.

“Travelling is always fun. It’s important to enjoy the journey than destination. I have travelled a lot since my work made me travel a lot. I got to see different cultures and got a great exposure. Nowadays, we are busy in our professional life and people have forgotten that there’s life outside work also, which is good for mental health because sometimes you need break from a chaotic life,” he says.

He adds, “My last vacation was for five days, that too in the month of December, towards the end of the month. Taking long vacations is not always possible due to work schedules. I love road trips too, but it has become difficult to take out so much time.”

Talking about planning his holidays, he says, “Usually, all our holidays are short trips only. It’s maximum 2-3 days, if it’s near-by where you take a flight and reach your destination in two hours.”

He adds, “I have travelled solo but only for work purposes, not holidays or when I take break. I love travel with family or friends. Good company is must to enjoy the journey. I love countryside and mountains. I am peace lover. I can spend whole day looking at beautiful valleys. I love to sunrise and sunset sitting on the cliff. My dream holidays destination is Himachal Pradesh ( Spiti valley ) and Switzerland. I love places away from the crowded cities.”

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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