Designer Anjali Phougat shares her experience in fashion and beauty industry and valuable tips for models | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZIME

Ace designer Anjali Phougat, who has made a name for herself over the years in the field of fashion and style, says that girls, today, need to be very careful about the fashion shows and beauty contests they take part in. The designer adds that there are so many pageants happening nowadays and girls need to stay away from random pageants businesses.

“I have attended Miss Universe and some of the top high profile pageants. And there is a difference and this is a message I would like to give you. Nowadays, there are so many pageants happening every day, and in some of them, people are coming and duping girls for money, making a fool out of anybody that they will make them a winner. It’s a business where no emotions are involved  and girls need to do their thorough research,” she says.

The designer adds that such pageants are of no help and do more harm than good. “Models should do their due diligence prior to working with them and make a wise decision and only sign up with trusted companies. So, it adds some credibility and value to their profile, some lesser known pageant won’t help them in any way at all because it is a total waste of time for girls. They put lots of effort, hard work and their time and money as well towards those pageant. So, they need to be very diligent and carefully choose the right pageantry so they can use the power of their crown to support their cause by that platform,” she says.



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