Celebrate this Holi with Mediamax Entertainment & DJ Sheizwood ‘s new song “Holi Mein Bawaal” sung by Vishal Srivastav | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Music composed by- DJ Sheizwood, Sung by – Vishal Srivastav & Written by Kunwar Juneja

Click here-https://youtu.be/deMxy6ENYmU

After the success of achieving milestones of millions Composer Dj sheizwood is ready for yet another release….

 If you really wish to enjoy the colourful festival, it is imperative that you lend your ears to Holi Mein Bawaal. DJ Sheizwood, Vishal Srivastav & Kunwar Juneja continue to put in a variety of colours in this Holi song, mixing classical and folk, and different melodies and beats, all blending beautifully with the chorus.  

Avi Pandey of Mediamax Entertainment says“Holi means colors, brightness, fun, and ecstasy and so does Holi Mein Bawaal.  As much as it is impossible to stay away from colours on this day, so is to restrain yourself from grooving to this song”

DJ Sheizwood says”Holi Mein Bawaal is all about layering and exploring the rich music and fine nuances while keeping the pure heart of fun associated with the festival. Traditional holy music seems to be losing its presence in Indian music scenes. Through this song we want to remind people about the beauty of traditional holi music & give them their Holi song of 2023″

Vishal Srivastav says “I am sure no Holi party will be complete without this song, it will be a part of everyone’s Holi playlist. I had a lot of fun while recording this song. Infact we have already played Holi while making this song but we want to celebrate the festival with our fans also”

Kunwar Juneja says “What is Holi without a signature festive song that heightens the vibrancy of the festival of colours?  As we gear up to bring in the festival this year, here’s presenting Holi Mein Bawaal”

This extremely vibrant and energetic song will remain in our hearts forever.



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