Somy Ali on focus on celebrity weddings: If no one cares about famous people getting married, their insecurities, egos will spring out of their shells! | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

victims of domestic violence and rape, says that such people’s reactions can invade their privacy, but that’s a price they pay for stardom.

“Celebrity weddings or anyone carrying fame on their shoulders will always get that extra attention as opposed to a layperson getting married. This isn’t anything new in terms of the public’s reactions to famous people getting married and the consistency of this reaction will prevail eternally. The actors are aware of their fan following and the dramatics that are intertwined within the larger than life persona they exert,” she says.

She adds, “Well, that’s the harsh reality of stardom and fame. You win some and you lose some. This is something famous people are not oblivious to and a part of them, especially those stars who have narcissistic traits, enjoy it. Consider the alternative: if no one cares about famous people getting married the stars’ insecurities and egos will immediately spring out of their shells and they will wonder why no one is interested or enthusiastic about such a big day in their life?”

It’s their choice, she says, adding, “We can’t have it both ways in life when it comes to fame. If one chooses this profession or any that entails the public to salivate over every move, every post and anywhere the stars are publicly visible they literally have no choice, but to deal with it. Remember, it is they who chose this life of fame and fortune and both the former come with an abundance of curiosity and being clandestine is not on the cards for the famous whatsoever. I agree it is annoying many a time and takes away every iota of their privacy, but I reiterate this is what comes with the territory and it is inescapable. People will simply never stop being curious or chasing famous people because their lives are completely antithetical to those who are not carrying the burden of fame.”

There’s huge money involved and the lavishness somewhere increases the aspiration value even of the normal public, and there is nothing wrong in that, says Somy. “I think it’s a personal choice depending on the celebrities. Priyanka let People Magazine cover her entire wedding ceremony and that was her choice as well as her husband’s. Thus, sharing it publicly or not boils down to what the celebrities choose and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a once in a lifetime moment when it comes to tying the knot and if they choose to share it with the world, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it or the alternative of leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the occasion is conducted privately. There are many celebrities who have managed to wed in a quiet and smaller setting when it comes to attendees. Thus, to each their own,” she adds.

She adds, “They know the public will give an arm and a leg to see these pictures so they are simply appeasing their fans. I do not see anything wrong with it. It’s all a matter of what the couples choose to do and whether they are comfortable with sharing the most important day of their lives with the world or not.”

And what about the money spent on these lavish weddings? Somy says, “Sure! Why not? If they have the means to do so then why not go for it!” She adds, “It’s not something one does everyday, hence indulge as much as you want. Celebrities just like anyone else have emotions and getting married is a very important day for them so if they can afford to go overboard who are we to judge? In fact, we should be happy for their most joyous occasion rather than nit-picking on every little expenditure that was a part of their very special day.”


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