Simaran Kaur: I’m trying to connect with a different set of audience, widen my horizon as a creative person | PERFECTV WOMAN MAGGANINE

Simaran Kaur was last seen in the TV drama Agar Tum Na Hote. Post that she has been a part of a number of projects and presently she is doing a travel show called India’s Best Resorts. The actor talks about her future plans, competition in the industry and impact of social media in getting work today.

“Agar Tum Na Hote was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed working with a great team. After that I have been busy with different projects. I wanted to try something new and thank God I got some great opportunities. I got my first live sports show anchoring opportunity with Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 for Star Sports. It was yet another enriching experience and I really enjoyed it. I also did three music videos, out of which one has been released and getting a lot of love from the audience. The other two will be released soon. I also did my first travel show as a host with Zeezest and Zee5, which is currently on air,” she says.

When asked why she is not taking up any daily soap, Simaran adds, “I’m trying to connect with a different set of audience, adding more and more people to my fan base. The idea is to widen my horizon as a creative person by performing on different channels and varied non-fiction shows. I always challenge myself and want to become a versatile artist. As far as daily soaps are concerned, I’m looking for the right role. Talks are on.”

It has often been said that daily soaps are very demanding, the actor says, “The shooting schedules are long, the script is dynamic and there are always challenges to do different scenes at different locations in a short span of time. So TV soaps are hectic but the amount of love and appreciation which you get from the audience is immense. I really enjoy working in daily soaps. The TV scenario is always evolving. There are always new themes and stories. A number of great shows are currently on-air,” she says.

There is too much competition in the industry. “I don’t really believe that one needs to be part of a controversy to be popular. And one can get ahead of the competition through hard work, improving acting skills, winning the heart of the audience and a touch of luck. Controversies are not necessary,” she adds.

Simaran’s Hindi diction is good and appreciated. “I’ve a good command of both Hindi and English. Clarity in voice and good Hindi diction has really helped me and made it easy to express emotions during the scenes. All the directors with whom I have worked with appreciated my dialogue delivery and acting skills,” she says.

In today’s digital age, social media following often helps people get work. On whether this is the scenario or not, Simaran explains “I think it is important that actors have a good social media following because social media is the connecting bridge between an actor and audience. We can directly talk to fans and they feel so happy talking to their favourite actors, knowing about their life updates. But even if an actor does not have too many followers, great content and good acting will always be appreciated by the audience”.

A lot of TV shows have love triangles as a theme now. “I guess love triangles are the most common theme in a lot of movies also. It is a part of the human experience that connects us with everyone. We have seen the theme in so many romantic movies growing up or seen the same in school or college that we can relate to it. I think Indian audiences love romantic stories with some twist, mystery and pain. Love triangles cover a range of themes, which keeps the audience engaged,” she ends.


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