MAIN RAJ KAPOOR HO GAYA | Perfect Woman Update | Perfect Woman Magazine

Producer-Director- Manav Sohal
Star Cast- Manav Sohal, Shravani Goswami, Arshin Mehta, Nazia Hussain, Kanchan Pagare, Anant Jog  and Veerendra Saxena
Genre- Social
Platform of Release- Theatres
Rating- **

The film revolves around Raj (Manav Sohal) and Suman (Arshin Mehta) who have a happy marriage until an unfortunate incident takes place and claims Suman’s life, forcing Raj to become an alcoholic a la Devdas. The film is about a man who, despite being born in a world full of hoggish beliefs, chooses to live a life of truth and honesty and believes in the fact that God created everyone as equals.

In a strange turn of events, one fateful night, his mundane life turns upside down when he shelters and protects a woman (Nazia Hussain) from goons. From now onwards a strange relationship develops wherein she is not able to recollect anything from her past and he who desperately wants to forget his past.

Though music by Vilyui Goswami is the saving grace of the film which has predictable plot and illogical development of its screenplay by the actor-producer-director himself. Though the director claims that the film has been inspired by several real life sad stories and hence has made this film, one does not get convinced as to what the title of the film Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya means exactly.

 Though the story is heavily influenced heavily by Raj Kapoor’s philosophy of stories centered on the common man and relationships, unfortunately, the execution falls short, with Manav, as an actor, going a tad overboard in his portrayal of an alcoholic who feels guilty about having lost the love of his life. To add to the consternation of the poor viewer, he speaks with a strange accent and his dialogue delivery is also far from clear.

Shravani Goswami renders a good performance as the slum dweller who loves Raj unconditionally but has to bear the brunt of losing him to two other younger girls, Suman and Madamji that too one after the other. As his friend and a sidekick, Kanchan Pagare proves that he is a good actor, while Anant Jog has been typecast in the role of a corrupt womanizing cop.

Arshin Mehta is a promising newcomer and steals your heart with her endearing performance as Suman while Nazia Hussain is good though her backstory is very contrived.  Veerendra Saxena is good as the booze supplying friend of Raj who also lives in the same locality.

To sum up, all that I can say is that the heartwarming musical film recalls your nostalgia


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