‘Labhale Amhas Bhagya’ on Planet Marathi OTT on Marathi Language Pride Day | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

World Marathi Language Appreciation Day is celebrated on 27th February every year on the birth anniversary of Kavivarya Kusumagraj i.e. famous dramatist, novelist Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar. This day is celebrated to preserve and honor the literary heritage of the Marathi language. On the occasion of this special day, a special program ‘Labhale Amhas Bhagya’ will be aired on Planet Marathi OTT. The show is written and directed by Pushkar Shrotri and stars Anand Ingle, Pushkar Shrotri and Sandeep Pathak in lead roles. The audience can watch this one-hour special program without any kind of fee.

Director, actor Pushkar Shrotri says about ‘Labhale Amhas Bhagya’, “The main purpose of this program is not to teach the language, to preach to anyone, but the joy that we get from speaking Marathi language is the only purpose behind this program.” Basically we are proud of Marathi language. Therefore, we have made this whole program fun and we have tried to show the glory of Marathi language.

Akshay Bardapurkar, founder and head of Planet Marathi says, “The main objective of starting Planet Marathi is to bring the literary heritage and culture of Marathi language to the audience around the world in the form of entertainment and that’s why we have brought this program to our audience on the occasion of this special day. Valuable advice has been given to promote Marathi literature in a light manner. This program will be aired on Planet Marathi OTT from February 27.


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