Celebs share the secret behind happy marriage | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Celebs share the secret behind happy marriage | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Having someone who loves and understands you makes your life a better experience. So, when it comes to choosing your life partner, one must follow the heart. Celebs talk to JYOTHI VENKATESH about their soulmates, what makes their marriage works and the secret behind their successful journey so far:  

Sudhanshu Pandey
Mona and I got married in our early 20s and then we came to Bombay. So the challenges that we faced together were obviously trying to adjust to a new city with no acquaintances, making friends, and working hard to sustain and survive. And, I was looking for work at that time. That’s the only challenge that we faced after marriage. Getting married at an early age was an advantage as you sort of grow up together and while doing so you learn things together, understand each other better and it becomes easier for both the partners to know exactly what is happening in each other’s lives. Mona has always been a homemaker. When we had kids, she had looked after them and our home. So I think overall when you grow together, do everything together it becomes easy for the couples or the marriages to have a better chance of survival. As long as you know you have to live together and be together, your bond is good, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about there.

Mitaali Nag
Marriage is a two-way street. For a marriage to work, both partners have to be flexible. There will always be moments when you may feel that things are not as rosy as you had expected, that’s the time you need to focus on the moments, which have exceeded your expectations. My husband, Sankalpp Pardeshi, is not from showbiz or media, and my working hours were not normal for him to begin with. But I had to make him understand that I may be required to shoot overnight sometimes by letting him drop me off and pick me up so that he could understand our work culture. Being around and working in close proximity to other men was another thing that was not a part of his industry. So I made sure that I introduce my husband to that as well and make him comfortable with all my male co-actors. In fact, now some of them are closer to him than me. Working almost 30 days a month means not being able to spend a lot of time with him so on days when I have an off, I try to give him the attention that he misses as my companion. Just like every couple, we have our bad days too. But we remember that as a couple we are now setting an example for our son Rudransh (age???)* so we make sure to let him grow up in a healthy and happy marriage. Having a successful marriage definitely needs love, compassion, trust, understanding, and a lot of work.

Aniruddh Dave
As far as challenges are concerned, I think challenges are every relationship. It’s just that marriage is something that has been made a taboo and the society has set some ideals for it. You take it this way for example, if you and your mother are there, there must be a lot of other things you have complaints about her such as saying certain things, stopping you from doing things you enjoy etc. So there are a lot of interferences but sometimes we listen to them, understand them or make them understand, and that is what relationships are all about. Now bonding means togetherness and good understanding. If you want a healthy marriage, you will have to talk, discuss issues and sort it out, hold no grudges, trust and respect each other. Wherever there is a communication gap, there will be differences. So, it’s better for every couple to sit down and talk to lead a better life and a healthy bond. Marriage also means adjustments and compromises, and everyone should know how to balance it. Eventually, I feel when you have family and responsibilities, you understand better. Expectations are in every relationship and it works that way. The people whom you love and respect, you also expect the same from them. My wife (Shubhi Ahuja) and I too try to follow all these as much as we can.

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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