Zee Cafe | Do not miss the hilarious oath curated especially by Chef Ajay Chopra in Chef Vs Fridge Season 3

Zee Cafe

Chef Vs Fridge Season 3 had a dhamakedaar premiere last Sunday. Now, when the competition has started and the contestants are all geared up to give their best, Chef Ajay Chopra has curated a unique oath for the contestants. Chef Ajay is known for his perfect sense of humour alongside his best culinary skills and these characteristics can be witnessed well during his stints as the judge and the host of Chef Vs Fridge. He is known to make the episodes entertaining and fun with his to the point jokes.

In the recent episode, he can be seen asking the contestants to take their compulsory oath before they enter the kitchen. But with Chef Ajay anchoring the piece, no one can ever expect a serious delivery. While dictating the pledge, we can see him in his funny best as he shows his foodie side. “Whatever I cook, Chef Ajay holds the first rights on it; All of us will follow Chef Ajay on Social Media; I will always keep a table reserved for Chef Ajay in my restaurant as he loves to cook,” he made the contestants repeat after him. All this and many more clauses by Ajay Chopra can be watched in the upcoming episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 3. Do not miss.

Witness the hilarious side of Chef Ajay Chopra on Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge Season 3 this Sunday at 8 PM


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