Tender moments as Fan proposes Shubman Gill in the middle of the match

Tender moments as Fan proposes Shubman Gill in the middle of the match

Love, love me do……the popular song from legendary band The Beatles will rule our heart and soul this month. February is here and how. And love from being shy, coy and sweet gets bold, better and bindass. Ask us how? While the fans cheered men in blue at the Narendra Modi stadium as India took on New Zealand and won the match, there was one fan who stole the limelight from the game with her badass appeal “Tinder Shubman se Match Karado”. This mystery female fan made sure her hero and dream date, Shubman Gill – the current heartthrob of the nation listens to her heart appeal too. Holding a placard right in the middle of the audience enclosure she let words do the talking. She asked Tinder to help her match with the hot shot cricketer who is becoming the next heartthrob on the field after Virat Kohli. This has got us excited, how about you? 
Well we don’t blame her, who wouldn’t crush hard on a guy who looks cute while scoring 126 runs in 63 balls for his team.

Twitter Links
1. https://twitter.com/meme_ki_diwani/status/1621098705633021952?s=46&t=6IboN2xND3ESWN4nAveDPw
2. https://twitter.com/meme_ki_diwani/status/1620836492003409920


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