Subuhii Joshii on trend of copying celebrity weddings: Have heard of people taking loans to get married! PERFECT WOMAN MAGZINE

Subuhii Joshii on trend of copying celebrity weddings

Actress Subuhii Joshi says that while celebrity weddings have a lot of pomp and show, trying to mindlessly copy these trends and then having a tough time footing the bills is not the brightest option. She says that one should try to manage in one’s budget.

“I have seen people taking loans and getting married and that’s not cool. Just seeing the film and copying those things in wedding shouldn’t be done, if it’s not in your budget,” she says.

However, this does not go on to say that the actress doesn’t support lavish celebrity weddings. It’s all about who can afford what, she says, adding, “I don’t think they should be kept low key and private and it’s completely okay to have a lavish and grand wedding if you can afford it. If people can’t afford it then they should do it the way they can. Also you can’t stop someone from taking pictures just because they want to sell their marriage rights to someone. It’s up to you how you will manage that. You can’t force me to not post my pictures because I am not posting your pictures. It’s impossible to have that kind of privacy because something or the other is leaked.”

Meanwhile, celebrity weddings lack privacy, and that’s normal, she says. “Celebrity weddings are something which everyone waits to see. People wait to see what the actors are wearing and who all were there. There is always a lot of talk about it. I don’t think it’s an invasion of privacy because you are a celebrity and a lot of things will be public about you. I think it’s fine if everyone is interested and then you can’t say that your privacy wasn’t there. Being a public figure means that you signed up for it where everyone will be interested in you. Of course things becomes a too much at times and you couldn’t help it,” she says.


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