Sonu Nigam incident: Anu Aggarwal recalls a disturbing fan experience that left her traumatised

Controversy around Sonu Nigam’s Mumbai concert at Chembur has been the talk of the town

Controversy around Sonu Nigam’s Mumbai concert at Chembur has been the talk of the town. On February 21, the day of the event, the singer and his manager were allegedly attacked by a local MLA’s son after he refused to pose for a selfie. While Sonu was not hurt, his bodyguard and a fellow singer were badly injured. A police complaint has been filed. Many celebs voiced in Sonu’s favour, Indian Singers Rights Association too condemned the attack. Reacting to this incident, actor, humanitarian and yoga expert Anu Aggarwal, who runs Anu Aggarwal Foundation and Anu Fun Yoga, shares a harrowing fan experience.

Referring to the 10-second video clip of the incident that went viral, “I was watching the video of Sonu Nigam yesterday when it triggered a memory in me, which was much worse,” she says.

Walking down the memory lane, Anu recalls, “I was a well known model walking the ramp before Aashiqui. Soon after its release in a show a mob of fans attacked and tore apart the green room I was in.  Wanting my autographs, to touch me, feel me, the mob got uncontrollable. I was rescued by some policemen fans there. I got so traumatised that this turned out to be my last fashion show I agreed to be a showstopper in, since then.”

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