Subuhii Joshii shares why her bestie – designer Rehaan  – gets her to look the best | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Subuhii Joshii shares why her bestie – designer Rehaan  – gets her to look the best | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Actress Subuhii Joshii is currently seen in Bigg Buzz in a super glamorous avatar and we cannot stop staring at her. She looks stunning and has received some great feedback. Subuhii’s best pal Rehaan has designed her look. Speaking about her look and designer Rehaan, she says,”When I was approached for this show I spoke to Rehaan and asked him to design my look. People who know me in real life are aware of my liking for Black colour and in the show I am just the opposite. Rehaan has given me all the colours in the show and I have actually fallen in love with colours now. My wardrobe is usually dominated by Black but now I am thinking of putting on a few colours also.” Talking about their friendship, Subuhii says, “I’ve known him for many years now. The first time I met him was when he was at a friend’s party. He is a star in parties and a social animal. We lost touch for sometime and met in a party after a while and started from where we’d left. Now, touchwood, we are inseparable.” When asked about Rehaan’s best creation for Subuhii she adds, “He designed a beautiful dress for me which is stunning and super sexy. He has also designed one jumpsuit which is super nice and super smart.  The best thing about his creations is they’re very unique.”
On her fashion mantra Subuhii says, “People should look at you and say wow, where did you find it, where did you buy it from, where is the fabric from. It is extremely important to look good and presentable on screen because millions are watching you. I want people to copy my style. Bigg Buzz is a great opportunity for me to showcase my different side. As the Bigg Boss finale is round the corner I am definitely going to miss the show and also our show Bigg Buzz as I used to interact with all the eliminated contestants in the show.”

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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