Actress Hansa Singh shares her special birthday plan this year 

Actress Hansa Singh

Actress Hansa Singh will turn a year younger on 2nd March and she has a special plan to celebrate this year. She says,”Celebrations are always on my mind when it’s my birthday. Since childhood I believe this is one day that truly belongs to YOU. My philosophy is to celebrate even if you are alone or with an intimate circle of friends or with the world, just celebrate your being on this earth to cover another 365 days.” So what is it that you are giving this year to yourself? “This year I am not giving myself. As I keep gifting myself throughout the year  Let this day be a gift from others specially Love and blessings.” 

Actress Hansa Singh
Speaking about her birthday rituals Hansa says,”Ritual is being in gratitude for all the love that pours in. I talk to God for shining his brightest light on me and holding my hand year after year. I am God’s favourite child.” Hansa also shares a couple of her special birthday celebrations, one in Dubai and one in Goa . “Dubai when my then boyfriend wished me at midnight while dancing to Happy Birthday. Goa with my partner in crime Munisha Khatwani was like .. what happens in Goa stays in Goa.” Hansa also wishes for good work on her birthday prayers. She says,”To work with the best directors in OTT and Films. Holistically- May I have good health as that’s all I desire.” This year Hansa is going to celebrate her birthday with her close friend circle in Mumbai. “For the first time in the history of staying in this city I am celebrating life with all my friends who stood by me through the thick & thin. Those who know my journey I had planned for this so many times. But couldn’t materialise for many reasons. But let’s say now it’s time.”The birthday girl will sport a sheer look for the day which will obviously reflect her personality.


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