Actor Titu Verma and transgender actor Ganga launched the app of IMODA- Indian Models and Organisers Development Association

Indian Models and Organisers Development Association

After Corona, there have been many changes in the whole world and these changes have been seen in all fields, whether it is technical, commercial or practical, internet and online have come after being limited, some such changes have also come in the entertainment industry. The day is not far when any artist, makeup artist, model, choreographer, hairstylist and event management can work on a single portal and it started today, 26 February 2023, with the launch of IMODA App at Jayleela Banquet Hall!

Mrs. Soumya Singh and Charles Williams, founders of IMODA and AIFA, welcomed the celebrity guest Mr. Titu Verma with bouquets on the occasion, as well as first transgender actor from Marathi film industry Actor Ganga and Mr. Vishal Dolas (Corporator, ward 108 Navi Mumbai) was also welcomed!

On this occasion, when the media asked guest celebrity Titu Verma whether apps like IMODA would be useful for the entertainment sector in the future and how this app can be benefited, Titu Verma answered these questions and said, These types of online portals and websites are the demand of the coming future, till 5-7 years ago, any artist, model or people associated with film line had to go door to door to prove their talent in the office. Were Due to which an artist had to lose money as well as time, but today the situation has changed, such a change has come after Corona that the entertainment industry has also come into the hands of Lego in the form of different apps and portals through mobile. Not only this, any talented person sitting in any corner of the country can easily get work by uploading his profile on that app, but yes, he has to be talented for this!

Titu Verma ji told that IMODA is also an authentic portal where under one roof anyone can try their skills anywhere in India and can also do a great job by registering themselves on this portal!

On the occasion of the program, all the other guests also expressed their views, on this occasion Capt. Presenjeet Singh,

Poorva Barai (Franchise Owner Nagpur, Catwalkers) and Deepak Shetty (Founder & Director DS Entertainment), Nishitha Suvarna (Image Consultant and Organisers karnataka style icon) were also present.

Press release by Jyothi Venkatesh


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