“Mr. B Unnikrishnan: A Peek into the Mind of the Masterful Director”

“Mr. B Unnikrishnan: A Peek into the Mind of the Masterful Director”

The Indian film industry is vast and replete with extraordinary talent. Among the many individuals who stand out in this industry for acting, directing, producing, and scripting, Mr. B Unnikrishnan is one such name. His name and direction are renowned in the Malayalam Film Industry, and his wonderful films have been known to give us stellar performances by superstars such as Mammootty and Mohanlal.

Mr. Unnikrishnan’s latest film “Christopher” starring Mammootty has been creating headlines across the Malayalam Film Industry for several reasons. Though the reviews regarding his latest film are fairly mixed, the problem it addresses is paramount and prioritized in the film and the direction of it. The welfare and safety of women is a gist of the problem being targeted in this film, and unfortunately, it is a problem that is still prevalent across the country, patiently waiting for a just solution.

Mr. Unnikrishnan’s direction of the film was praised and applauded. From the outset, he has managed to successfully create an environment that captivates the audience and provides a truly emotional insight into the problem of women’s safety that was highlighted in the film. Many have called this film “an extremely engaging thriller,” and “an extremely profound and touching film.”

In an insightful conversation with Mr. B Unnikrishnan, we received a sneak peak into his mind during the process of creating his latest film: “My experience on the set of ‘Christopher’ was a real eye-opener. The opportunity to create a film with such immense social relevance and emotional insight was of course challenging, but extremely fulfilling, as it gave me the chance to be a part of something truly profound. Though the reviews for my latest film have been mixed, one opinion shared by the entire audience is the fact that this film spreads significant awareness on an important social issue that must repeatedly be addressed – women’s welfare and safety.

In the past, Mr. Unnikrishnan’s capabilities as a director have received mixed reviews by the audience, critics, and especially by the cyberbullies who seem to have too many degrading things to say about virtually every film. Even though Mr. Unnikrishnan has repeatedly been at the receiving end of the brutal criticism, he has come out on top and proved to the film industry that his prowess as a director is indubitable. Regardless of where and how a script is lacking, Mr. Unnikrishnan’s notable directing abilities have proven to fill up all the gaps. 


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