Eternal Sounds’ Manmarzee saves the rich legacy of Indian music with Live Original Endangered Instrumentation! | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Eternal Sounds’ Manmarzee saves the rich legacy of Indian music with Live Original Endangered Instrumentation! | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

We are all surrounded by music in every way. Be it the sound of the sea or the dance of the waves or the whisper of the wind, the peacock’s grace to gazelle’s pace, Music is everywhere. Eternal Sounds promises to bring back the glory of the myriad moods of nature captured through surreal instrumentation that replaces the synthesizer creating the dent in the music scene.

The first of its offerings is Manmarzee that brings together the titans of music the Legendary Hariharan on the vocals and the Rolling Czar of rhythm Pt. Bickram Ghosh as composer. Focusing on the magic interlocking of mesmerizing vocals with live instrumentation, the duo live up to the album name and refuse to stick to the norm or the expected.

“When two virtuosos come together, sparks are bound to fly, and this spark is contagious. This spark is sure to set the stage a fire with its domino effect”, elaborates National Award Winning Filmmaker Gaurang Jalan. Gaurang Jalan is one of the four partners of Eternal Sounds.

Eternal Sounds is helmed by financial market guru Utsav Parekh, industrialist Mayank Jalan, music maestro Bickram Ghosh, and besides Gaurang Jalan. All four partners are lovers of music and have a strong desire to see the resurgence of quality music in India.

Coming back to the album, Manmarzee’s soundscape is avant-grade and uses eastern and western strains and instruments in an exciting mix, Beautiful lyrics by Rajiv Pandey and Sutapa Basu adorn this album.

The Filmi Qawwali style song Nasha Teri Bali boasts of instrumentation that is primarily live with Harmonium, Dholaks and the endangered Bulbul Tarang,   with Hariharan’s  zest and vigorous rendition  still retaining its softness. Here, Bickram Ghosh’s composition stands out as do the lyrics of Sutapa Basu.

Ajnabee is a beautiful melody from Bickram Ghosh that only Hariharan can do justice to. The song  instrumentation showcases a blend of  piano, sitar, sarod, tabla and dholak — each instrument gracefully accepting the others’ presence. The lyrics by Sutapa Basu make us fall in love again.

Ishq Me Ala is about teen love that  takes over the body and mind. The composition is a throwback on an old world charm while the voice more than does justice to the lyrics of Rajiv Pandey. Bickram Ghosh’s Live and Indian instrumentation makes this song transcend time.  

Dariya is a brilliant Rock-Sufi song that changes course every few lines and is as bubbly and boundless as the stream! Bickram Ghosh and Hariharan seem to have enjoyed this creation to the fullest. This song boasts of some brilliant instrumentation using guitars to the Sarod to mridangam and tabla.  Lyricist Rajiv Pandey speaks of water as a metaphor of life in this song.

Husn that comes next is a slow burn jazz-style composition. Ghosh creates a world of sensuousness through the melody and instrumentation while Hariharan’s voice is seductively mesmerising in this one to say the least!  The song is an ode to a woman’s beauty and Sutapa Basu ‘s lyrics tell us that we are defenceless in front of formidable beauty! The use of saxophone surely adds to the  allure!

In an era where people often lament the loss of melody, Manmarzee is like a breath of fresh air where beautiful melodies blend with attractive rhythms. Yours to listen to the track and keep those comments coming!

PDL is the streaming partner of Eternal.Sounds for Manmarzee. Says Prashant Dogra, CEO, PDL, “we are delighted with our association with Eternal Sounds and the songs of Manmarzee will be at an interval of 3 weeks each.”

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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