Celebrity matrimony lawyer Anagha Nimbkar: I always keep it in mind that my job gives peace to restless souls, happy homes are always better than broken ones | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Celebrity matrimony lawyer Anagha Nimbkar: I always keep it in mind that my job gives peace to restless souls, happy homes are always better than broken ones | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Anagha Nimbkar says that cases related to marriages are complex and sensitive, and comes with its own set of challenges. She adds that celebs are no different than us, and we must understand that. Rather need better understanding as they are in the public domain. Her expertise also lies in child custody, domestic violence, wills and testamentary etc. Looking back, she started as a banker before turning to law.

“I come from a simple yet erudite family background. My husband Mr. Nandan Nimbkar is a B.com, C.S, LLB and MBA finance graduate. We have a 15-year-old son, Ved. I have been blessed with supportive in-laws,” she continues, “It was my father’s dream to see me as an advocate with the coat and the band, fighting the good fight. So somewhere it was always a thought at the back of my mind. I completed my B.Com degree and pursued my diploma in Import and Export management from NMIMS. Subsequently, I decided to study law. After marriage I was working for ICICI Bank hence had to put a pause on my law studies. It was only during my maternity and post-partum sabbatical that I could complete my law studies. My mother-in-law is the reason why handling the shift of career was smooth.”It would be appropriate to say that my career is my father’s dream supported by the pillar that was my late mother-in-law.

Around 2011, she joined Adv. Mrunalini Deshmukh and in 2016 she started her own practice. She considers Adv. Mrunalini Deshmukh as her mentor.

“Ved was only a year old when I joined her. For a young mother who has to know the hustle to make her place in this field, one can imagine the roller coaster ride it must have been. I remember finishing work, coming home, helping with the household chores, then working on my laptop late at night, reading briefs, drafting and keeping myself updated with the current laws while my son was fast asleep on my lap,” she recalls

Anagha’s clients include op corporate personalities, well known pilots, actors, actresses, writers, stand-up comedians, bloggers from the entertainment industry. “For the sake of their privacy and considering the client-attorney confidentiality, I restrain myself from revealing their names. Considering the sensitivity and complexities of matrimonial laws and issues, challenges are inevitable. While some cases require a much stronger sensitivity and privacy, others involve deeper digging into the laws of marriage to seek relief. In one of the cases during Diwali, while I was celebrating with my family, my client was calling me relentlessly because, even after I had procured the court orders for access, my client was unable to spend Diwali with her only son. So sometimes, it leaves a deep impact on your mind and soul. However, being a professional you ultimately learn to deal with it with maturity and grace.”

No one is happy about a marriage or a family falling apart. “My job gives peace to restless souls. Happy homes are always better. If children are involved their interest is of paramount importance while we work. I believe in trying to first save the marriage by counseling my client for professional couple counselling because I believe there should be no guilt left in one’s mind that what if we could have tried, one last time. Even after the counseling if the parties still want to part ways, we explore possibilities of an amicable settlement so that the clients don’t spend the major chunk of their life at loggerheads in the court. It is only when amicable settlement also doesn’t work, we proceed with the contested proceedings, as we lack the option of irretrievable breakdown of marriage. We need major amendments in Marriage & Divorce laws as ultimately your life is at stake and the children from the Broken families are the future citizens of our country. They need to be brought up in a balanced and healthy environment, she explains.

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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