Akash Singh Rajput breaks world record! Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Akash Singh Rajput breaks world record! | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

From reel hero to real-life hero, Akash Singh Rajput has broken a world record with his cricket tournament. He has arranged the biggest cricket tournament in the world! What started off as an endeavour to make sure people in rural areas get the right equipment and environment to play cricket, has led to a tournament with 587 teams!

“The world record of London is keeping an eye on the tournament!” says the actor, adding, “I have done it before with 430 teams. I am breaking my own record again.”

He says, “In fact, the purpose of cricket, in our country, was to break the caste system and bring everyone on the same platform. I wanted this game to be at home, in the rural areas, because people come close to each other and act as one when cricket comes into the picture. In villages, people still follow the caste system and to break that I wanted this game to exist and become one as Indians. I saw small groups playing cricket in the streets with a bat that you use to wash clothes and a rubber ball. They didn’t have resources and a place to play. I thought this must change, at least for the people in my place. Slowly, I started getting more applicants to play and it became massive. The achievement is a service from my side which is given to the local, rural people, to make them aware of the game. it sets a record with the highest number of people participating in a tournament with 600 teams, with 9000 people playing in it in a single city.”

The match was played at 5 places each day; there were 34 matches, morning to night. “The final date depends on the tournament as it is very vast and also depends on the climate. I guess it will be around March 12-15,” he says.

Talking about his love for the game, he says, “I love cricket. I started playing from my childhood with my book as my bat and a paper ball. I won tournaments at school. Also, when we were shooting for Porus, we used to play cricket a lot.”

Ask him if he wants to play cricket for the country, and he says, “No, that’s a big game in India, there is politics in cricket as well. You need to be super exceptional if you want to play cricket for India, it’s not easy.”

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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