Tata Play pays tribute to Sridevi, streams all time favourite Sadma on Tata Play Classic Cinema

Tata Play pays tribute to Sridevi, streams all time favourite Sadma on Tata Play Classic Cinema

There are some roles that leave mark on people’s memory and make the characters immortal. One such portrayal was Reshmi from Sadma played by the legendary actor and Bollywood superstar Late Sridevi. Sadma might not be go to movie when someone is looking for love stories, but it is one of the best movies that showcases the essence of love, which is to see your loved one happy, even when they are not destined to end up together. On the occasion of Sridevi’s 5th Death Anniversary, Tata Play Classic Cinema is paying tribute to the actor par excellence. The actress has given a lot of excellent films to cherish, and Sadma is one of her iconic movies with a heart-breaking yet the most memorable climax. The role also got her the best actress award because for her flawless performances and impeccable screenplay for this film. Late Sridevi and Kamal Hassan were among the most loved duos in the 1980s. The duo performed beyond expectations and imprinted an everlasting impact on the audience. Indeed, we cannot imagine anyone else in this film apart from Kamal and Sridevi.

If the long-lasting impact and the heart wrenching storyline is still not reasons enough to watch this masterpiece again, Tata Play Classic Cinema gives you 3 more reasons and a platform to relish this again.

Essence of purity

The characters in the lead roles are so pure that you find yourself rooting for them from the start. This was the only reason why we still feel so affected towards the end when both the characters don’t get what they deserved (a happy ending!).


Playing a child-like adult in a complicated and tragic love story, Sridevi exhibited the same charm and skill that got her noticed in her Hindi debut. She has been noted for her acting skills and her charming looks. Sridevi still remains the gold standard of acting, where not only veterans but even the new entrants look forward to getting close to her legacy.

Flawless Performances

Both Kamal Haasan and Sridevi were given roles with clear arcs and ample opportunities to showcase their acting abilities. The duo outperformed expectations and left a permanent impression on the audiences. Viewers can’t imagine anyone else portraying these characters besides the duo themselves.

A never-seen-before conflict in a love story

Defying all laws of happy endings and a together forever narrative. Sadma has the most honest yet unbelievable ending to the story. A man falling in love with a woman who has regressed to childhood is a love story that will requires the most difficult decisions and emotions. Most definitely this conflict and the non-binary ending of the story still makes it, one of the most heart wrenching stories of all times.

~Tune into Tata Play Classic Cinemas, 318 SD to stream one of the finest performance of late Sridevi on 24th February at 05:00 pm ~


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