Esha Gaur: Looks and weight somewhere lead to low confidence PERFECTY WOMANMAGAZINE

 Esha Gaur:  Looks and weight somewhere lead to low confidence

Jyothi  Venkatesh

Actress Esha Gaur says that it’s important to be healthy, rather than focus your energies on looking good. She adds that especially nowadays, these topics have become very sensitive and evoke strong reactions in people.

“Looks and weight somewhere lead to low confidence and even an inferiority complex in some cases, though not everywhere. It is a very important aspect of our life these days. The way we look and our body and whether it’s in shape or not, matters to us a lot. Also, it is very important for us to be healthy. But I feel being healthy is very important, looks don’t matter,” she says.

She adds, “People have become a lot more aware than before. People, who aren’t even in the industry, even for them diet, weight and health matters so much. It’s great to see that everyone is so conscious about their health.”

Talking about how tough it is for celebrities, she says, “Celebrities’ lives are very difficult because all the time they have to be slim, have a proper body and always look great. The pressure is very high for them. It’s like a 24/7 job which is very exhausting. But on the other side, I also feel that it is very important to not make anyone feel bad about their body, fitness. It depends on person to person. We should concentrate on ourselves rather than commenting on someone else. And let people feel good about themselves too.”


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