Mitaali Nag: The stardom of OTT is different as compared to that of TV

Mitaali Nag: The stardom of OTT is different as compared to that of TV

They might not be six pack or size zero versions of the hero or heroine, however OTT has a lot of stars who are doing some really meaningful work, says actress Mitaali Nag. Mitaali, who has done a short film Scarlet MX player alongside actor Rushad Rana, and played her first negative asTejaswini in Aashiqana 2 on Disney+Hotstar, says that the digital boom has given a lot of fame and work to many capable actors.

“It actually depends on what exactly someone perceives as being a ‘Star’. For me, a star is someone who is not only popular for his or her charm or looks but also his or her talent or acting skills. So, when it comes to OTT, if you notice the stars from OTT are all fine actors, regardless of their looks, age etc. The audience may not consider them as stars but the casting and the direction team definitely does and hence they keep doing more and more meaningful work. I feel that the stardom of OTT is different as compared to that of TV,” she says.

As for OTT content being crass and bold, Mitaali says, “Yes, I have noticed this trend of including bold bits even if it is not required on the OTT platform. As a viewer, if a bold scene is justifiably placed in the content, I have no judgement about it. As an actor, I wish to do projects that my family can sit and watch with me. And that includes the elders and the youngsters together.”

The entertainment industry has also been one that has been exposed to abused too many ugly things such as drugs, depression and insults. Talking about the same, Mitaali says, “In a way, the entertainment industry has exposed everyone to the harsh realities of life. It depends on an individual. If you ask me, it is good to talk about these things and be aware of what is right and what is wrong. However, young adults who are impressionable may get influenced and end up getting addicted to some of the not so good things like smoking, drinking, drugs etc.”

Despite many younger actors coming in, Mitaali says that she has never sensed a generation gap as such. “There has always been mediocracy in the industry, be it Bollywood or television. With the advent of OTT and exposure to so much global content, the younger generation knows that quality is what stays in the long run. Honestly speaking I do not feel there is a generation gap because I am the kind of person who likes to be updated. So, if there is a change in the working process or thought process in the newbies or the new set up, I prefer to adapt to it if it is good,” she says.

Talking about the kind of web series she would like to do, the actress says, “I would certainly like to do something like a Panchayat, or a Baarish or something like This is Us, content that touches the viewer’s heart.”


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