Pope Francis meets with  Swami Vijay Kumar

Pope Francis met privately with International Media Expert  Swami Vijay Kumar  at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.  During the  meeting,   Pope Francis advised not to indulge in  fake news.

His holiness Pope Francis said “ The connecting power of social media has been extremely powerful. Take responsibility to be a part of the solution, not amplifying the fake news problem”. Fortunately, there is a higher truth that supersedes the “false truth” of a fake news story. But to give this real truth  the voice and space it deserves, we all need to do our part by protecting the real truth and by fighting the falsehoods  perpetrated by fake news. He added” Check on the accuracy and legitimacy of a piece of news. And before you share a story, be sure it’s founded on facts and not on fiction”.

Swami Vijay Kumar said ” It has been an absolute pleasure meeting His Holiness Pope Francis. Had a very warm meeting and  had the opportunity to discuss a wide range of global issues that are important to all of us”.


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