Give your modern home a Neoclassical touch with The Great Eastern Home | Rena & Lumic element | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

NeoclassicaL | Rena & Lumic element


The discoveries of Pompeii and other archaeological sites in the mid-18th century resulted in enthusiasm for all things associated with the ancient Romans and Greeks. This led to one of the most well-known architectural styles in the Western world., namely Neoclassicism. Influenced by the art and culture of classical antiquity its beauty draws inspiration from Greek and Roman architecture and sculpture and emphasizes sophistication through delicate painting and precise carving.

Candlelight dinner is undoubtedly one of the ideal opportunities to express your emotions and acknowledge your partner’s love for you. For a flawless date night, it is important to ensure proper arrangements. From crockery to table settings, everything should be perfect. Here’s the brand to look for that will add a touch of glitter and sparkles to your romantic date.


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