World Radio Day feature: Celebs call Radio evergreen, highlight why it will always remain special

World Radio Day feature: Celebs call Radio evergreen, highlight why it will always remain special

February 13 is celebrated as World Radio Day. Radio is one medium that has been and probably will be a part of our lives for long. It has still been changing lives across the globe as many people still listen to a lot of music on the radio, be it sitting at home or while on the go. However, with the advent of the internet and new platforms, and devices, including mobile phones, that streams music all day long, many feel the popularity of radio has gone down. Celebs share with JYOTHI VENKATESH their opinion and also whether they listen to the radio.

Charrul Malik
Radio is radio, I don’t think this platform can vanish from our lives all of a sudden. Whenever I am driving or travelling, I listen to the radio to know when it comes to cricket, politics and the entertainment industry, for motivational talks, gigs and so much more. Radio doesn’t only have songs but a variety of programs. Radio is very special to me because I started my career at the age of 15 with All India Radio, Chandigarh, so it will always remain close to my heart. But, I agree everything has its own time and age, so does radio.

Hintanshu Jinsi
I feel very nostalgic when it comes to radio, it has been a great source of entertainment throughout my childhood. Kaafi acchhi memories hain bachpan mein jab light chali jaati thi to Vividh Bharti Yuv Vaani etc suna karte the candles jala ke. Tab WhatsApp, YouTube nahi tha, so pocket radio was everything. That has changed now. A lot of visual entertainment platforms have come up and people have no time to listen to the radio. Today, I am going to switch off all the lights aur candle jala k I will play the radio and relive my childhood days.

Sudhanshu Pandey
Like I have always said, nothing can replace television and the daily show culture whether it’s OTT or films. Similarly, I would say nothing can replace radio because it is one the strongest entertainment mediums and people connect with it very deeply. They connect with the voices, RJ’s and the entertainment and information they provide, the music they play and there are such varieties in this medium. Also, I listen to the radio day in and day out. There’s so much choice here that you’re spoiled when it comes to picking one. So radio will always be very special.

Ranndeep R Rai
I believe that radio is the most commonly available media in the world. It is a powerful resource. Radio provides real-time information, and some stations broadcast continuously so listeners may get the most recent news. We are slowly moving away from our roots because of the development of technology, but radio shouldn’t ever go away I feel.  I also believe that it is helpful for those who live in rural areas because it is a less expensive, long-lasting, dependable, and effortless product. Even the smallest towns in India have radio stations.

Ambuj Dixit
I think till today, radio is the most reliable source of communication during natural disasters. When other forms of communication were disabled, radio continues to play a significant role in our lives today. Especially in areas that have no access to television, the Internet, or other means of information and communication, radio comes in handy, keeping people informed about the latest news, government policies, and event updates (live commentaries of sporting events or even the Republic Day parade). Private and community radio also play significant roles in keeping the citizens and the rest of the world up-to-date about the situation in a conflict zone. In many parts of the world, despite the risk of police raids, jail time, threats, and even death for community journalists, community radio stations serve a vital function by distributing information about important news and educational programming like emergency disaster relief, voter registration, and public health campaigns. The power of radio reaches even the most rural areas, providing Indigenous communities with access to programming in their own languages and serves as a voice that promotes their cultures, traditions, and belief system. So I think not just music, but radio still holds a great importance in our day-to-day life more than just listening to music. It’s just like fine wine that gets only better with age.  

Mitaali Nag
I love listening to the radio. I have grown up listening to Akash Vani. But now there are so many radio stations. And radio is not just about music or news these days, it has become more interactive now. It’s great to witness the expansion of radio.  There are so many jobs that have been created because of radio. I wish I could host a radio show and become a part time RJ.

Kate Sharma
Radio is always the best option when you are on a drive, especially for me at least. Being a 90’s kid, radio has played a very important role in my life. I remember when I was in SSC I used to listen to the radio late at night and study as well. It was a sort of multitasking format. I was very fond of RJs too. Those days I called so many RJs and spoke to them as well. It was so much fun. Currently, I also listen to this guru who talks about love problems, speaks with random people and helps them. I can learn so many things from the radio. It always gives you new opinions and perspectives about life.

Dr . Akash Sharma

I like listening to the radio because it balances thought and way of things. Your eyes can’t see, but your ears can hear, and It continues to play music to calm us down in our cars in the middle of traffic. It keeps us directly informed with daily news, in touch with traffic updates, and even helps us check the daily weather forecast report. That is the reason I love to listen to the radio.


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