CHAITALI . V .PURUSHOTHAMAN | | Vastu Consultant | Vedic Astrologer | Healer | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE


CHAITALI. V. PURUSHOTHAMAN is a WORLD Renowned Professional 10-Time International Award-Winning Spiritual High Vibrational Energy shifting Vastu Painter, Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Spiritual Healer and Mentor. She has clientele based all over the world thus providing customized high frequency Vastu Paintings -Energizers, Vastu of the home or office for clearing Negative Energy and protection from unconscious evil’s eye, Healing sessions and therapies. She uses her intuition along with her knowledge in all her areas of work. Her visuals for Painting, knowledge of Astrology and positive energy for Healing comes from the beyond- the 5th Dimension Portal.


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