Youngest director-choreographer Saurabh Prajapati’s groovy love song, Chandni is making everyone fall in love all over again 

Youngest director-choreographer Saurabh Prajapati’s groovy love song, Chandni is making everyone fall in love all over again 

India’s youngest director and choreographer Saurabh Prajapati’s latest song Chandni is out. Composed and sung by Vishal Mishra, Chandni is a love song. It’s actually an out-an-out dance number. 

“The song was released by VYRL originals. I have directed and choreographed this song. We shot Chandni in Dubai. It was so much fun shooting a car race in Sheikh Zayed road. The song features Vishal himself. The idea behind this song was presenting Vishal Mishra in a different way. We wanted to show a new side of him which people have not seen or heard both from the video and audio point of view. Chandni is an energetic love track, it compels you to sing along and get on the dance floor,” he says.

Chandni is already loved and appreciated. People are saying nice things about the look and feel of the song as well. Makers are overwhelmed with the response.

Saurabh shares that Vishal is known for romantic as well as sad songs. “His songs are so popular and we all know how much music lovers adore. With Chandni he has explored a different side of himself that has surprised everyone. Chandni is a groovy dance track that has this very retro feel. He is seen vibing and dancing in this song, romancing in the galaxy, amid stars,” he adds.

Vishal along with Kaushal Kishore have written the lyrics of Chandni. Dibya Chatterjee co-directed the song with Saurabh. Soheb is the DOP, while Mayur Hasija has produced it.

“I think it’s very important to try out new things, get out of your comfort zone as an artist and creator. I personally feel that’s when you get to know your true potential and are able to conjure something new and beautiful. Although this is the first time Vishal has done such a song, I would like to mention that he was very confident and chilled out. In fact he was enjoying the process and that’s the best part about the ambience on set. We all worked together like a family,” he smiles.

Meanwhile, Saurabh’s hands are full. He has a number of projects lined up and a few offers as well that he is yet to consider.

“Yes, there are quite a few projects coming up where you will get to see different visuals, different songs in different genres and interesting presentations and choreography. We have started 2023 with the bang and plan to end it on a high note as well. We have already started working on our forthcoming projects as we plan to release them one after another. I am super charged up to present some amazing work to the audience,” he says.


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