TMG Films producer Azam Khan steps in Bhojpuri

TMG Films producer Azam Khan steps in Bhojpuri

Day-by-day, the growing graph of the Bhojpuri film world has attracted many filmmakers who are now coming up with their projects in Bhojpuri cinema as well. One such filmmaker is Azam Khan who is now going to try his luck in Bhojpuri cinema. Azam Khan has been in a lot of discussion about the film TMG since 2016 and has also done many events of fashion shows. Now he is keen to produce Bhojpuri films and has already taken a step forward in this direction.

Producer Azam Khan, who has experience in producing Bollywood and South films since 2016, has signed actor Ravi Yadav, popularly known as Chambal Boy, for his new film and debut film in Bhojpuri and he plans to shoot a film and a song with him. Its preparations are also going on in full swing in Mumbai.
The entire shooting of this film is to be done in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had come to Mumbai and said that the UP government will help the gathering of all the people of the film industry and will also give subsidies for the promotion of good films.Producer Azam Khan thanked UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath from the bottom of his heart and said that if all the governments of the country promote the film industry in this way, it will not only provide employment to artists but also other employment opportunities for cinema. Will be born through

Let us tell you that Azam Khan will produce albums and songs along with big screen films in Bhojpuri under the banner of TMG films. He said that along with raising the level of Bhojpuri, our company TMG Films will give a new flavor and flavor of entertainment to the people. Along with this, new artists of Bhojpuri will also get a chance to put their hidden talent inside in front of the outside world.


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