Rapper MC Stan’s secret girlfriend’s pics leaked: Was rapper dating actor Priya Soni? | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE


MUMBAI: While a model, presently residing in Goa, Priyanka Divya Shirodkar, told us that rapper MC Stan – one of the finalists of the Bigg Boss season 16 show, had a major crush on actor and model Priya Soni about 7 years ago, in a new development a private image of the two holding hands together has surfaced.

According to the secret image, model Priya Soni is seen holding hands with a skinny guy who closely resembles MC Stan.

Priya Soni refused to comment or speak about the image and said she does not want to talk about the matter.

We will have to wait for MC Stan to get out of the Bigg Boss house to find out where the image came from.

However, a model by the name of Priyanka Divya Shirodkar, said that MC Stan had a major crush on the famous stage performer and actor Priya Soni from Mumbai.

“At that time, about 6-7 years ago, Priya Soni who has done hundreds of music videos was a very famous stage performer and an item girl, having featured in several item songs in Punjabi, Bollywood and the south. They were rehearsing for their performances almost every day at various dance studios around Yari Road, Aaram Nagar, Four Bungalows and Oshiwara in the western suburbs of Mumbai. This is when MC Stan noticed Priya Soni with her voluptuous and sexy figure and heavy heaving bust and fell head over heels in love with her,” explains Divya.

According to her at that time, MC Stan was hardly 17 years old or maybe even younger.

“These boys used to hang out with their older companions who were all either back dancers or junior artistes or amateur rappers and singers like MC Stan desperately trying to get some work and a foothold in the industry and would do the rounds daily of various dance and rehearsal halls in the western suburbs of Mumbai to meet well-known choreographers for work,” explains Divya who is almost of the same age as MC Stan

Priya Soni said she didn’t know anything about this. “You must ask MC Stan. How do I know if he had any crush on me 7 years ago? Many boys had crushes on me. There were hundreds of young boys – some 16 and 17 years of age who wanted to learn dance and used to attend the rehearsal halls. Maybe MC Stan must be among them. Yes, he is my favorite contestant on Bigg Boss season 16 and I want him to win the show, but I do not know anything about what happened between him and others so long ago,” Priya said.


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