Priya Soni stoops so low to flash her panties to show her support to M C Stan as she wants him to win Bigg Boss 16 | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Priya Soni | M C Stan 

MUMBAI: Model Priya Soni is head over heels for rapper and Bigg Boss season 16 contestant MC Stan and is promoting him big time as the winner of the show.

Priya has gone out of her way to announce MC Stan as the winner and even shared a photo where she is seen flashing her panties to support MC Stan.

“I have seen this happening during cricket and tennis matches. I cannot go inside the Bigg Boss house, so I am sharing these photos. While the photos may not be very recent, it is the concept and thought that matters,” Priya said.

The punk rapper quickly rose to fame after his entry into the Bigg Boss 16 house and most of the credit for his fame goes to his witty one-liners, fashionable junk street wear, and charismatic or crazy demeanor, not to forget his sometimes hot-tempered statements and fights.

He was among one of the most favourite contestants right from the start of the show, says Priya Soni.

He never fails to keep the audience amused with his quick wit. His “Dhan Taran Dhan Taran ” dance and “Haq Se Patel, Rakh Ke Dhakel” songs are quite popular among the youth. His “Haq Se Bro” fanbase is quite strong on social media.

With more than 50% of the votes going to MC Stan, it appears that MC Stan is leading the current voting trends for the finale of the show tomorrow.

However, critics point out that all of his fan base is paid for and artificial. The buzz is highly inflated and created using paid computer bots and fake ids on Twitter and other social media platforms.


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