Kate Sharma: This generation doesn’t seek true love | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Kate Sharma


With things becoming very open, actress Kate Sharma says that this generation wants to just have fun and doesn’t prioritize finding love anymore. The actress says that to find love, you need to be ready to give love as well.

“This generation is too busy hooking up and getting into casual relationships. They don’t seek real love. Egos are bigger than hearts which is not right. I feel if you’ll give someone that love and respect with all good intentions. You’ll definitely get it back. You don’t have to expect things in love, you just have to be a giver. People feel a lack of love because they are obsessed with themselves and they don’t really value others. What you give, will come back I feel. So, giving love to get love is the moral of the story,” she says.

She adds, “Generations might come and go, love will be the same. People have changed, not love.
Those who with pure intentions seek for it they will find it.”

Ask her what love means to her, and she says, “Love, for me, is magic. Due so many hardships in my family from my childhood, it was difficult for me to love someone. But you know what love for me never faded. It was always there for me. I always believe someone is made for you by the creator. You have to trust the universe for it.”

She adds, “As a person, I show so much love and care. I am a very expressive kid in love. I am also an extrovert with all my feelings. I never lie and never hide anything. And I expect the same from the person. The meaning of love is always the same. Just intentions matter. Being practical is right but when your heart and mind fights, in love, you have to listen to your heart.”

Meanwhile, talking about her Valentine’s Day plans, she says, “Valentine Day is a special day for loved ones, the one who is in love, celebrates being in love. I think love is the answer for everything. Those people are lucky to find the right ones in their life. I will be celebrating this Valentine’s Day in Goa but with a twist, with my mom. It’s my mom’s birthday on the same day. So, I am taking her on a trip to Goa. And it’s her first time on a flight, so I am excited about her reactions. I will try to capture all the good moments.”


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