CINTAA create history once again. Amit Behl only chosen speaker representing international federation of actors | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Amit Behl only chosen speaker representing international federation of actors


CINTAA creates history as General Secretary, Amit Behl gets to be the key delegate and only chosen speaker representing International Federation of Actors (IFA) at the forthcoming technical meeting on the future of work in the art and entertainment sector that will be held at Geneva between 13th to 17th February, 2023.

The workers delegation will comprise representatives from FIA, UNIMEI and FIM as delegates, advisors and observers.

Vice President of CINTAA, Darshan Jariwalla will also be attending the important meeting that is being organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

An ILO conference for the media and entertainment sector was last held in the year 2014 and since then the functioning of this space has taken a radical change and through this conference, an attempt would be made to plug in for efficiency, boost ties between workers and employees coupled with government participation of respective countries in framing regulatory policies and procedures.

Driven by the purpose to discuss opportunities and challenges for decent work in the sector in the context of digital technologies, globalization, environmental sustainability, demographic changes and a human-centered COVID-19 recovery, this meeting will strive to arrive at important conclusions and recommendations. From India standpoint, this conference attaches very significant importance as it will bring together governments of ILO member states, employers & workers representatives as well as advisers & observers. Resolving the woes of the last person in the line would predominantly be our first priorities. Foremost on our agenda is to end the disparity in talent agreements that’s executed by Broadcasters in the West to the ones executed by their Indian subsidiaries.

This is an age of technological advancement and people believe that for any country to grow their economy, it’s important that technology is made best use of. Artificial Intelligence to be specific will improve accuracy and efficiency, drastically save costs of production, a game changer but in all these advantages that will be derived it’s even more relevant and important to strike a perfect balance between the pros of technology and the value of human involvement.

IPR is another area that we would want to touch upon and speed up implementation.

Adding further, Amit Behl reiterated that it will open a window of opportunity to elaborate on the many challenges still endured by actors and technicians, in the world. It’s well-known that India is a big contributor of content and also as a consumer.

The Entertainment sector is on a robust growth worldwide and the performers/ technicians do indeed play a crucial part. There are still many issues of performers that are unresolved and bringing them in front would be their primary objective.


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