Anu Aggarwal snippet with pics | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Anu Aggarwal: Being an actor for me, watching a film is more than just entertainment 

Jyothi Venkatesh

Actor Anu Aggarwal won hearts when she announced that she would be returning to acting soon. Anu, who is known as the quintessential Ashiqui girl, says that she is on the lookout for meaningful projects.

“I understood very early in life that there is no segregation in acting or modeling then, or OTT and films now, cause once I return to showbiz then I am open to whatever comes from the entertainment business, and of course I will choose what I can digest. No dream role as such ever but my dream always has been to empower the viewers’ mind with great acting-art,” she says.

OTT revolution is here to stay but at the same time the content is often bold and even cuss words, and that’s something that Anu is okay with, as long as the story justifies these. “If you look at the history of my acting career, I have been crazily open far more than my peers, in what or no language, fashion of the look and dresses or anything else of the role I played. So, it is too petty to consider whether movies have cuss words or not. As an actor I have to be true to the character and do whatever she thinks is right, and to keep my personal likes and dislikes away,” she says.

Ask her which web series she loves, and she says, “Being an actor for me, watching a film is more than just entertainment which a normal viewer looks for. I get into the skin of actors, dynamics of film making etc. I saw the Playlist and identified a lot with the lead Daniel who achieved an audacious startup goal, started Spotify. The other film Where The Crawdad Sings, I identified with the girl who grew up alone, and the challenges of being a young-different class where people easily misjudge you, and the hardships that come with it.”


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