Marathi Movie Raghuveer Poster Launch

Vikram Gaikwad in and as Samarth Ramdas Swami


Maharashtra is known as the land of saints. One of those notable saints in Maharashtra has been “Samarth Ramdas Swami”. Samarth Ramdas Swami’s biographical film “Raghuveer” is soon going to be launched on the big screen. Director Nilesh Kunjir has taken up the huge challenge of bringing Ramdas Swami’s biography to the world in the form of a movie. From television to films, the actor who has played different types of roles in his career, Vikram Gaikwad, will be seen as Ramdas Swami in ‘Raghuveer’.

Presented by Cinemasters Entertainment, Raghuveer is produced by Dynamic Productions and Adityam Creations in association with Samarth Creations. Abhinav Vikas Pathak and Arvind Singh Rajput are the producers of this film, which also stars Vaibhav Kishore Mankar, Sapna Kiran Badgujar and Dr. Kiran Chhagan Badgujar who are the co-producers of this film. Sameer Dixit and Rishikesh Bhirangi’s Pickle Entertainment and Media Pvt. Ltd. has been entrusted with the responsibility of distribution. The director of this film, Nilesh Kunjir, in the form of ‘Raghuveer’, has accepted the challenge of presenting to the audience the biography of a great saint who has never been presented in the form of a film. Earlier he has directed a short film “Shewanti” with Adinath Kothare in the lead role, which was popular in various film festivals. Apart from this, he has directed many Marathi short films and web series. 

Apart from playing the role of Samarth Ramdas Swami in this film, Vikram Gaikwad is currently playing an important role in the serial ‘Chhotya Bayochi Mothi Swapna’ and he has also done serials like ‘Unch Maja Zoka’, ‘Swapnanchya Palikadale’, ‘Satyawan Savitri’. Also, apart from the popular web series ‘Samantar’, he also played a great role in ‘Athang’ which is currently in the limelight. Besides ‘Bandishala’, ‘Sher Shivraj’, ‘Pawankhind’, the characters played by Vikram have also been liked by the audience. The official announcement of the movie ‘Raghuveer’ has been made by revealing his look as Samarth Ramdas Swami.

Sangeet Natak Academy award winner Abhiram Bhadkamkar has penned the screenplay along with Nilesh Kunjir, while Abhiram Bhadkamkar has written the dialogues of ‘Raghuveer’. Lyrics written by Mandar Cholkar have been composed by music composer Ajit Parab. Dhanraj Sukhdev Wagh and Prathamesh Nitin Rangole have done the cinematography and Jageshwar Dhoble and Prashant Chandrakant Kamble have done the editing. Sachin Suhas Bhave is the executive producer of this film. The film also stars Rujuta Deshmukh, Shailesh Datar, Vignesh Joshi, Naveen Prabhakar, Rahul Mehendale, Bhushan Telang, Varsha Dandale, Mousumi Tonwalkar, Anushree Phadnis, Ninad Kulkarni, Dev Nikharge, Ganesh Mane in important roles.


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