Balraj Syal: I think Priyanka Chaudhary and Shiv Thackrey are strong candidates in Bigg Boss this season, either of them might win

Bigg Boss (BB) season 16 finale will be aired on February 12 and 13 and fans of the show are looking forward to it

PRESS RELEASE Jyothi Venkatesh

 Every year the tension mounts around this popular reality show as to who will take the trophy home. This year the finalists are Priyanka Chaudhary, Shiv Thackrey and Rapper MC Stan, and fans of these celebs are rooting for their victory. Actor, host and comedian Balraj Syal, who was last seen in the reality show Smart Jodi, talks about Bigg Boss.

“Bigg Boss becomes the talk of the town show every season. People get excited even before it goes on air. Then the excitement is around the contestants and who will win the show. It’s one of the biggest reality shows on Indian television, apart from Fear Factor. I don’t follow it religiously but the launch is always special and I start the show midway as that’s when the participants start playing with enthusiasm. This time I feel Priyanka and Shiv are strong candidates and they have more chances to win. Shalin [Bhanot; actor] could be the surprise element if he wins, but the love Priyanka and Shiv are getting is immense,” he says.

Abdu Rozik was one of the biggest highlights of Bigg Boss this season. “Definitely Abdu was one of the most loving contestants that has ever come in Bigg Boss because of his special charm and smile. His big heart is the reason why people loved him so much. Indians are anyway known for welcoming guests and someone like him is always welcome. He is without a doubt the cutest participant in the house. If anyone has ever encountered him in the house he must have felt sad himself. I would love to meet and talk to him over a cup of tea,” he adds.

Reality shows are loved by the audience. “I am a firm believer of this because generally in fiction you play a character, but in a reality show, you face the camera and show your true self. The audience addresses you with your name all the time. People talk about you and your mistakes and strengths are noticed. Although in the entertainment industry, we are actors, and people see our work, but in reality shows they get to see us closely. I think that our fans enjoy when they are able to see us up, close and personal,” he explains.

On whether she would do Bigg Boss if given a chance, Balraj is quick to reply, “I don’t want to comment on this whether I want to or not because it kills the negotiation power (jokes). I have been approved a couple of times. Last year, there were talks but I had to go to Canada for my show. So everything depends on the circumstances and availability. But yes if I am approached, I’ll definitely think about it.”


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