Why do love triangles make for an interesting watch for the audience? | PERFECT WOMAN MAGZINE

Love triangles in films


Love triangles in films, TV shows and OTT series often generate a lot of interest. It adds a twist to the plot, taking it to an altogether new direction. Be it a thriller or comedy or a regular drama, love triangles never fail to add an element of surprise. Celebrities elucidate why they think love triangles are enjoyed by the audience and if they themselves also like watching such stories on screen. Read on:

Somy Ali
Anything that is taboo or out of the ordinary, generates curiosity. As humans, we are unpredictable beings, and fall in and out of love easily. That is just a natural phenomenon when it comes to being human, thus, when we are presented with a love triangle in cinema it ignites our curiosity as to who the subject will end up with and how the one rejected will react. We begin to think how we would have reacted to the situation had we been in that specific scenario. Personally speaking, for me there is nothing more to it than finding out what happens at the end. Movies like Mujhse Dosti Karogi or even Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna are stories of beautiful love triangles. All subjects in these films were in a severely emotional paradox. And we, the audience, are always desperate to see the conclusion in such films. As a viewer, I find them entertaining because this happens very often in real life as well. Two people falling in love with the same individual is not uncommon, however, the conclusion is the only interesting aspect to this specific scenario.

Nivedita Basu
I feel a love story is incomplete without a love triangle. Having made more than 100 daily soaps with Ekta [Kapoor] and on my own, I don’t think there’s been a single story without a love triangle even if it is a thriller, a romantic tale or a family drama. In fact we’ve dealt with love triangles and quadrangles as well. So yes, I think love triangles are the so-called ‘Namak’ that is required to make sure the dish tastes perfect. Who would want to see the same old stories of parents of the couple against them being together, posing all sorts of hindrances? The interest is all spiced up when there’s another guy or girl in the love story. I get goosebumps just thinking about love triangles. I’ve lived them, breathed them in my shows and I think it works like magic.

Harjinder Singh
Love triangles have been headlining stories for the longest time. Obviously art depicts life, so a lot of these stories are inspired from real life incidents. Though the implications in real life are different, on screen, such stories spice up the narrative and usually in the end there is a message which is usually either that of a sacrifice or the realisation of what true love stands for. We have to understand that love, a true emotion, is an amalgamation of different character traits. In every age or stages of our lives, love means slightly different and here we are talking about the opposite sex. Obviously the love for your parents and love for something you eat is entirely different. Having said that, it completely depends on the storyline, whether or not a love triangle would fit the bill. If it’s effective storytelling, yes love triangles do carry a certain weightage and provide a beautiful experience in terms of watching it on screen. As an audience I don’t have a preference of enjoying only love triangles. That is never my criteria for watching a film or reading a novel. For me it’s all about effective storytelling.

Sneh Binny
Well! I think the reason why audiences love the concept of love triangles is probably because it’s a reality. A boy falling head over heels for a girl, who in reality likes another boy is quite a common thing. I’m not fond of love stories personally, but know that many enjoy watching them on screen just to find out who finally gets the boy or the girl and what happens to the person who is left alone. And, what better if there is a hint of the entry of someone special in his or her life?


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