Ranndeep R Rai opens up on his love for animals | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Actor Ranndeep R Rai  who would be seen in Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 says that it is absolutely important for us to take care and love animals. He says that whether we are animal-lovers or we have pets at home is immaterial.

“I won’t say that I am an animal lover but I feel as humans, it is our responsibility to take care of all the animals. I am very sensitive towards them. We should do every bit we can do for them. I try to always help them. They can’t talk and the population rate in India is growing so rapidly that I think it is difficult for the humans to handle themselves too. There are so many animals who are so ill, mistreated, don’t have a home, starve for so long. I feel if we can do something it will be a lot for them,” he says.

He adds that it’s important to see if you can take care of pets before keeping them. “I don’t think it is necessary that if you love animals, then you must have a pet. I live alone here in Mumbai, so it is very difficult for me because of my work profile and the working hours are never sure. I would never want to keep my pet alone. I think, instead of keeping a pet, I think joining hands with one or two associations that take care of stray animals would be much better because you could take care of so many animals together,” he says.

He adds, “I love to feed dogs and cats and if I find them anywhere or on set, I make sure to give them food. If ever I see a cat, I always try to arrange for some cat food and if I see dogs, I try to arrange biscuits for them. The bond between the dog and his owner is very pure and it is unconditional love. When I hear stories from pet owners about their pets, I feel that humans might lack in loving but pets would never. They are not selfish. I always used to fear pets because when I was young there was a pet at my place and he was a very small puppy but he came running behind me because of which I used to fear pets, but now I don’t.”

Ask him what he feels needs to be done for animal welfare, and he says, “I think there should be more associations for the welfare of dogs, even though I would try my level best to work for them. Dogs have a heart, and they have a life, too, and they need love too. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean we should abandon them in any way. I want to request each and everyone to take care of the pets, they are pure souls.”


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