Charrul Malik to make her foray into Bollywood with director Shantanu Tambe upcoming Hindi film Dashmi | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Charrul Malik is all set to make her film debut.


Charrul Malik is all set to make her film debut. The news anchor turned actor will be seen in a film titled Dashmi, directed by Shantanu Tambe. It’s Shantanu’s first Hindi film. The cast includes Adil Khan, Vardhan Puri, Charrul Malik, Monica Chaudhary and Gaurav Sareen. Charrul will be seen playing one of the crucial characters in the film.

Without star power how will the film gain the attention of the audience? “I think they all are stars in their own way. All these actors are performers and our director said that he didn’t want stars but performers who can play the characters well. Audiences these days judge on the basis of content and performances. There are so many budding actors who are working in OTT and have got recognition with just one performance. So, I don’t think audiences have anything to do with stars. As far as my debut is concerned, I don’t see this as a risk. Wherever you get a chance to work you should. So, when this opportunity came, I took it up. In this film I am playing myself, whatever has been my career graph until now is what I am playing in this character,” she shares.

It’s been more than 1.5 years that Charrul has been doing TV and mesmerising the audience with her portrayal of Rusaa in Bhabi Ji Ghar Hain! One wonders if doing film is her real love and if this  means she will quit TV and concentrate on Bollywood. However, she negates the same, adding she wants to explore all the mediums, play new characters and experiment with varied genres. She does not want to restrict her art.

“I believe in going with the flow. I don’t have a set career plan in mind, I just want to do good and powerful roles. Be it a film or another show or an existing show, I want to stay busy and keep working and performing better. I don’t want to be overloaded with work, I want to enjoy my work peacefully. I see actors overburdening themselves with work doing ads, TV, OTT and social media, and whatnot? I believe too much money is not good when there’s no peace. I want my family time too. This is my personal and professional goal,” she adds.


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