Perfect Woman Magazine Celebrates 13th Anniversary Announcing 100 International Iconic Women Heroes | GUJRATI MID-DAY COVERARGE

Coverage Of Perfect Woman Magazine with midday gujrati Announcing *Top 100 International Iconic Woman Hero’s

“An anniversary comes once a year and we wanted the 13th Anniversary of Perfect Woman to celebrate the strength of women and renew the sense of pride a woman should feel for being able to get back up when life has knocked her down. And to reiterate that a woman should never settle for less than what she deserves,” says Dr Khooshi Gurubhai Thakkar, Editor – Perfect Woman, who believes that it is time that the badass woman in 2023 should no longer take a backseat, accepting things she cannot change. “It is time she changes things that she cannot accept.”

Women today are shining in different sectors, breaking age-old patriarchal doctrines and raiding traditionally considered male bastions. Women are choosing entrepreneurships over jobs, choosing to be their own bosses, virtually in every industry.

Dr Khooshi Gurubhai Thakkar and the team of Perfect Woman, after great deliberation, has came up with an eclectic mix of women from diverse spheres who have been the change and are Iconic Global Trendsetters in their own right.

Dr Khooshi Gurubhai believes “A Perfect Woman is clear about her goals. She believes she equally has a right to dream and achieve her goals and since 2010 we have been covering women from various fields who are creating a niche for themselves and their inspiring stories gives the inner strength to the readers to go through hurdles with an open mind and seek to learn and grow. A higher vision for life is the foundation for all this. With the growing importance of women in every field of the community, we can see that a lot more women have made it big, be it in the field of Business, Entertainment, Politics or Social Work.

Here is a look at the Top 100 International Iconic Women who have converted their passions into successful businesses despite adversity along with Social Activities giving back to society…

  1. Hon. Amruta Fadnavis 2. Hon. Nita Ambani 3. Hon. Seema Athawale 4. Hon. Smriti Irani 5. Social Activist Kangana Ranaut 6. Actress Priyanka Chopra 7. Actress Aishwarya Rai Bacchan 8. Deepshikha Deshmukh 9. Korean Singer| Rapper Jennie Kim 10. Actress Divyanka Tripathi 11. Fashion Designer Archana Kochhar 12. Mrs World 2022-23 Sargam Koushal13. Singer Selena Gomez 14. Deputy Collector Vandana Georaikar Mumbai 15. Indian Entrepreneur Padma Shri Kalpana Saroj 16. Perfect Mrs India 2021 Rakhee Rajadhyaksha, Actress 17. Activist Madhurima Tuli 18. Vineeta Singh Founder of Sugar Cosmetics 19. Actress Barkha Singh 20. Dr. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer 21. Actress Deepali Sayyed 22.Title winner of Perfect Miss Of India 2022 Reena Trivedi23. Ms. Sheralene Shirata Entrepreneur Philippines24. Hon. Dr Bharati Lavekar 25. Dr Lydia Cutler Founder of Aberdeen Fashion week 26 Entrepreneur Ms Patricia Javier 27. Actress Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman 28. Nivedita Basu Head of content strategy and business alliances 29. Mrs. Harshala Tamboli Entrepreneur 30. Actress Charu Asopa Sen 31. Madhushree 32. Actress Sanna Suri 33. Entrepreneur Nishtha Satyam 34. Singer Kavya Jones 35. Aastha Agarwal 36. Chief executive officer of JetsetGo Kanika Tebriwal 37. Mountaineer Vijaya Pant Tulli 38. Nisrin Porbandarwala 39. Dharmishta Dagia 40. Model Piya Valecha 41.Social Activist Anisa Shaikh 42. Social Activist Moni Gaikwad 43. Entrepreneur Rosemarie Dumadara-Koerner 44. Social Activist Harshita Vaishnav 45. Entrepreneur Dr Soma Ghosh 46. Journalist Gita Hari 47. Actress Divya Dutta 48. Actress Tanisha Singh 49. Avantika Sinha 50. Actress Rupali Suri 51. Sapna Kathfar 52. Communication Expert – Ms Deepika Mahendra Parkar 53. Namrata Thakker Entrepreneur Excel 54. Entrepreneur Mrs Manisha Rustomji 55. Vaishali Sarwankar 56. International Top Model Agnes G Wade 57. Liza Laure Model Pearl Philippine Euroasia 2022 58. International Fitness TV Producer USA Santana Rodrigues 59. Music Director Kaamini Khanna 60. Actress Sweety Walia 61. Mrs. Wow Universe Classic 2021 Rose Tolentino Licup 62. Entrepreneur Aboli Telawne 63. Spiritual Healer Chaitali. V . Purushothaman 64. Noble Queen of the Universe From Asia Eren Noche 65. Author Alina Mohanty 66. Actress Shanthi Priya 67. Rusha Madhwani 68. Actress Lalitya Munshaw 69. Model From Pune Ashleysha Yesugade 70. Fitness Expert Ria Wahi 71. The Celebrity Lawyer, Asia Atty. Maggie Garduque 72. Dr Prameela Sreemangalam Founder of Mind Scan 73. Prashali Singhal The Blogger 74. Ms Arpita Doshi from United Kingdom • Founder • NDF 75. Founder of Konkan Fusion Ketki Rane 76. Mrs. Philippines International Face of Beauty 2019 Riza Oben Dormiendo 77. RareTalent Madhu Lokhatia 78. Mrs. Asia Pacific Special Queen Ambassador 2022 Monaliza Salenga 79. Educator Madhu Jain 80. Social Activist Jayalakshmi Bai 81. Banker & Author Renu Mangtani 82. Actress Charul Mallik 83. Educator Mrs Nidhi Pandya 84. Entrepreneur Dhriya 85. Actress Kainaat Arora 86. DrPam Obare Mogaka 87. International Chef Sarah Choudhury 88. Actress & Emcee Simran Ahuja 89. Advocate Carlyta Mouhini 90. Perfect Mrs India & Singer Rashmi S Dubey 91. Entrepreneur Krishna K Joshi 92. Santosh Kataria Social Activist 93. Vibha Narshana Founder of Partra Travels 94. Entrepreneur Kiran Golani 95. Model Akansha Arora 96. Art & Culture Chetna Mehrotra 97. Model Sumita Dey Chowdhury 98. Stylist Ayesha Shaikh 99. Actress & Model Mrs. Kritika Dubey 100. Aesthetic Cosmetologist Dr Nirali Bhatt
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By – Perfect WOman Magazine & Events #Petfectwoman


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