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‘Mehfil-E-Manzumaat’, an ode to Urdu poets and poetry

MnM Talkies, India’s premier audio production curated by actor-director Mantra has recently launched a brand new podcast show called ‘Mehfil-E-Manzumaat’, a show dedicated to Urdu poets and their poetries beautifully garnished by ‘tarannum’ (music). The show celebrates the work of renowned Urdu poets and their contribution to

wards Urdu literature.

Mehfil-E-Manzumaat features some of the most soulful collections of nazms by well-known poets like Amir Khusru, Mir Taqi Mir, Akbar Allahbadi, Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Dagh Dehlvi Dagh, Altaf Hussain Hali, Momin Khan Momin, and more. MnM Talkies has been experimenting with various genres of podcasts, and this is their first foray into the podcast genre. The show aims to shed light on Urdu poetry by dedicating each episode to a renowned Urdu poet, discussing his/her life, inspiration, and poetry with a soothing musical ending. The episodes are like warm cups of tea that will soothe the minds of the listeners.

“As an admirer of beauty language and poetry, my team and we are celebrating the finest league of poets who touched the hearts of countless people, with Mehfil-E-Manzumaat. A deep dive into the timeless compositions of Urdu poets across the globe with a universal musical inspiration created by the best in the house” says Mantra (Founder & Director, MnM Talkies).

The tone of Mehfil-E-Manzumaat is calming and thought provoking. The show will surprise listeners with its evocative storytelling, music and spoken word. Here Mantra uses the potential of Urdu Poetry to highlight the personalities of those writers whose poems are known to the world with the beautiful ghazals, musically composed by Sumanto Ray (Creative Director, Mehfil-E-Manzumaat).

Catch Mehfil-E-Manzumaat, a show dedicated to Urdu poetry with Talha Abbasi on all the audio platforms i.e. Spotify, Audible, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Wynk, YouTube, etc.

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