This Long Weekend, Indulge in Fantasy and Romance on MX Player

This Long Weekend, Indulge in Fantasy and Romance on MX Player

It’s time to experience a world of fantasy and enjoy the romance dramas with the MX VDesi series ‘Heirs Of the Night’ and ‘Moonlight Romance,’ streaming on MX Player this week. So, grab your popcorn bowl as it’s time to binge-watch these international dramas on India’s Number 1 downloaded App( Source: 2023 Report)

Heirs Of The Night

Dive into the world of fantasy with Heirs Of The Night (Season 1) streaming in Hindi on MX Player from 25th January. Based on Ulrike Schweikert’s book series, Die Erben der Nacht, the 13-episode series explores a school for vampires where students from different clans learn special powers to defeat Dracula, an ancient evil. The protagonist Alisa (Anatasia Martin), a 14-year-old girl has a special and unexplained connection with evil, which is unfolded in the course of the series. Season 1 revolves around Alisa, her everyday teenage problems, and how she balances her unique power.

Moonlight Romance

Moonlight Romance is a 24-episode Taiwanese drama romantic fantasy drama. The story revolves around an immortal match-maker, Yue Lao/Li Yue (Edison Song), who descends to earth from heaven in a new role, as a divorce lawyer. On Earth, he accidentally meets Fang Duomi (Amber An), the developer of the love pheromone perfume patent, who believes that the product can be synthesized by scientific methods. As they become friends, Li Yue learns that Dumoi had saved her life before, and gradually develops feelings for her. But will a human and immortal being have a happily ever after? Watch Moonlight Romance in Hindi from the 28th only on MX Player.


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