The French Honor Boney Kapoor’s ‘Thunivu’ In The Most Surreal Way!

The French Honor Boney Kapoor’s ‘Thunivu’ In The Most Surreal Way!

Boney Kapoor is the entertainment industry’s biggest showman who has broken all language barriers & his journey as a producer dates way back from the 80s. His latest production in the Tamil industry titled ‘Thunivu’ has crossed borders reaching France & the way of honouring Boney Kapoor’s latest film is outstanding.
People are celebrating the release of Ajith starrer ‘Thunivu’ not just at the cinema halls but also streets of France by bursting crackers, hooting, lighting smoke bombs, dancing & so much more. The craze is unreal. French National TV declared Ajith the ‘George Cloney’ of Indian cinema looking at the unrealistic craze which just gets better.

“I am so ecstatic to see the euphoria of Thunivu in France. The audience is so energetically engrossed in the film. This feeling is amazing & is the ultimate proof of the powerful impact a solid production can make with a bankable actor in the spotlight of a film.”, Says producer Boney Kapoor

After this enthralling response, the audience on social networks have already started buzzing Boney Kapoor to reveal his next mega project. Even during the pandemic, Boney Kapoor had dedicated his maximum time to work & was the only producer to work on 6 incredible projects.


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