Aniruddh Dave on the impending recession in 2023: I don’t think it would affect India and its economy

Aniruddh Dave on the impending recession in 2023: I don’t think it would affect India and its economy

Covid pandemic that led to many businesses shutting shop led to a global meltdown. Now with the virus attack in China and the Russia-Ukraine war has affected the economy, it seems a recession is impending. While recession is becoming a talking point, showbiz needs to survive as entertainment is of prime importance. People in India, much like the rest of the world, enjoy watching TV, films, and OTT. Actor Aniruddh Dave who will soon be seen in the film Kaagaz 2 and is known for his TV shows Yaro Ka Tashan, Patiala Babes and film Bell Bottom shares his opinion.

“I don’t think that it would affect India and its economy. Our government is ready for every possible crisis and effort to keep it unaffected. We are doing great in global affairs. Our GDP is growing, INR valuation is also increasing etc, so a lot of development is happening. India is a developing nation. At the upcoming G20, 120 nations will come to know where we stand in business, stock, and investment. Many would like to better their relationship with India as we are already on the higher side,” he says.

About the changes or precautionary measures the industry should take to deal with the situation, the actor shares, “Money saved is money earned. Alternative income or investment, saving is a must. Recession and pandemic are like uninvited guests or you can call them gate crashers, so one should be prepared. But even if you’re prepared, a fatal mishap can take a decade back. I’ve witnessed it. This is a part and parcel of life.”

The competition is increasing every day, although the opportunities have also increased. A number of new platforms are coming up.

“There are many opportunities, but still a lot of people have no work even when there’s no recession. We have nothing to do with this I believe, those who shoot or were working have also earned during the pandemic. So it’s better to go wisely. Stay strong and open your eyes, keep watching the scenario. Working hard is a must as competition is high. Working on your skills, craft and knowledge as that will only help you move ahead,” he explains.

The two tips that one should follow to fight the recession situation, and Aniruddh adds, “If recession comes, be wise and smart. Go with the flow, kabhi arsh par kabhi farsh pe. That’s what life is about,” he ends.


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