Adaa Khan on being part of Naagin: I am always happy when they call me for any season! 

Adaa Khan on being part of Naagin: I am always happy when they call me for any season!


The original Naagin, Adaa Khan is back in action in season 6 and we couldn’t be happier! The actress says that every year, her look as Shesha changes and she loves being part of the show.

“Every season, they change the look. It’s not the same. It’s always a different outfit, different makeup, different hair, everything is different and everybody, all the fans wait if shesha comes, what will be her look this time? And they observe everything, from the jewelry to the clothes, to makeup and everything else. So everyone is really happy that this time Shesha has come back as positive and she is helping Teja. People are very happy to see our chemistry and also comparing it with Mouni Roy. And my entry episode was trending on YouTube, Twitter. I was really happy with the love I got when I entered the show. It’s beautiful and I really love it when people give so much love,” she says.

She adds, “I am always happy when they call me for any season. It feels like you are back home because this is your own baby, at the end of the day. I was part of season one and it started with me. So when I come in another season, I enjoy it. I enjoy playing Shesha and also I am sure the audience will also love watching Shesha.” 

Her look is something that she is always very excited about, says Adaa, adding, “Before I could enter, we just chose an outfit and spoke about how would it be different. What will be the jewelry like? So of course, there are inputs. The creative, the stylists, we all discuss and that’s how the look comes together.” 

Recently, Adaa, ran a poll on Shesha’s dialogue in Naagin and received such great comments. Talking about the same, she says, “It reached almost 5000 comments and people remembered all of Shesha’s dialogues. Like from Season 1 till now. They remember everything! They have written paragraphs and it’s so overwhelming when they remember all your lines, your dialogues. I could only pin 3 comments. I wish I could pin more because there are so many beautiful comments. the way they have remembered the lines, they know the dialogues, they know the famous dialogues of Shesha. I remember the time when I had told everyone to make a small clipping on Shesha’s voice. People used to record themselves in my voice. They are so involved and I really love it when they do it and I was really overwhelmed when I saw they remembered all the dialogues from Season 1. People remember Guru Kantal Maa from Season 1 those dialogues also they have written. so that’s the craze. That’s the love that I have received from each of them.”


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