2022 has been a great year for me : Rajit Dev

2022 has been a great year for me : Rajit Dev

Ace choreographer Rajit Dev speaks about his achievements in the year 2022.
“This year has been a blessed one for me and my work. I have seen myself giving my best for all the songs I’ve done. I did projects with one of my dream artists – global icon Allu Arjun – which also had kpop band trib-e. I choreographed the official  FIFA World Cup anthem for Nora Fatehi in 2022. Going to the Fifa World Cup, meeting so many iconic players in the stadium is something which I will cherish forever. These two are big milestones in my career because both projects are international and I’m the first Indian choreographer to do so.”

Speaking about his aspirations in 2023 Rajit says, “I look forward to giving more landmarks with my choreography. I am also planning to do more using my creativity beyond my choreography. Otherwise I’m very happy with my professional life.” I have a few dreams which I’ve been working on. Hopefully in 2023 I will make it happen. I will share that with the world once I achieve it.”


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