Trying to get fit? Allow Aditya Seal to train you!

Trying to get fit? Allow Aditya Seal to train you!

Aditya Seal has an envious physique and with every new film, he seems to transform so effortlessly into the role. Actor and a fitness enthusiast Aditya may be famous for his hot bod, but the actor feels that fitness is not just about six packs “Everyone should be driven to fitness as a lifestyle commitment and not make it about just being a fad. If you have a six-pack but aren’t at an optimum fitness level, then the six-pack means nothing”says Seal

He is one of the rare actors who can move like jello despite being loaded with muscle and has the flexibility of an elite gymnast. His flexibility and ripped physique continue to amaze us. Now, we all have one thing on our minds – how do we get that fit? Let’s find out.

When asked about his daily workout routine, he says “I do a variety of workouts like martial arts, cross fit, weight training & yoga. Most of my mornings start with a lot of stretches’ which gets my blood flowing and my body warmed up for my next activity, which is probably some martial arts or gymnastics training or weight training in the morning. I prefer to work out in the morning, both mind & body are fresh & it actually pumps you for the day” further adding “It is important to shock your body, if you continue to do the same thing repeatedly, your body will get immuned”

Aditya also even gave some tips to get well-sculpted abs like him “Well, abs are made in the kitchen. You can follow multiple diet plans but if you are not disciplined, it is useless. Abs require a very strict & healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat, you have got to control your binge habits, avoid maida, sweets & carbs but having said that don’t deprive yourself from food, sometimes it is ok but don’t make it a habit”


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